Pascal Shrady

Pascal Shrady

Pascal Shrady is 16 years old, born in Cologne, Germany to American parents. He is an aspiring singer/songwriter and activist.
Pascal has been singing his entire life. He also plays the piano, a little guitar and drums and began writing songs at the age of 12. In August 2015, Pascal won first place in a worldwide scholarship competition and took part in the 2015 FAWCO Youth Cultural Volunteers Program which was held in Mumbai, India. FAWCO is a United Nations recognized NGO which is respected globally for its humanitarian efforts.

Participating in this program showed Pascal how much power each person has to help shape a better world and how important it is to get a global perspective. In Mumbai he also met lots of other young expats like himself and built connections around the world. Now he is in New York and will fly in for his  TEDxKoeln Talk.

My Journey for Change, One Song at a Time - Become a Global Citizen And See How Helping Others Will Help You


In his TEDxKoeln talk Pascal Shrady will be singing two of his own songs called “Infinity” and “Level One” which are about believing in yourself and staying motivated and positive. And he will be speaking about his personal idea.

Pascal’s idea worth spreading is that each and every one of us can have a big influence. Not only can everyone make a difference in the world but it will help you become a better person. He wants to fight for issues that matter to him and he believes that music can have a big impact as well:

“Music is a great outlet to make a difference. Many artists have gone way beyond just performing – they’ve become thought leaders and activists using their lyrics to get a message out, and fighting for change in real life.”


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