Nicole Brandes

“Brandes asks key questions (and provides good answers) for leaders who want to make an impact”
Bruno Giussani, TED

Nicole Brandes

Nicole Brandes makes things happen. She doesn’t just speak about intercultural intelligence – the topic is close to her heart as an integral part of her Asian and European heritage

Having worked with some of the biggest global leaders in corporations such as UBS and Swissair, Nicole successfully built and established various VIP and communication organizations from scratch. She managed an international foundation for Queen Silvia of Sweden, got awarded for her work at Bank Leu and was heading the care team at the plane crash in Halifax.

Having travelled to over 100 countries, speaking multiple languages and of European and Asian descent, she has also studied eight years Taoism with Chinese Grandmasters. People and what drives them are her passion.

Why we need to develop cultural intelligence

Why do so many projects fail? And why do we not bring out the best in our people?

Nicole Brandes focuses in her TEDxKoeln Talk on the context of leadership, complexity and values. She dedicated the past six years in understanding how to successfully lead in this digitalized world. She advocates cultivating diversity to manage today’s biggest task: complexity.

She believes that the ability to create emotional connection is a key successfactor to effective leadership. For that we need to develop the missing piece – cultural intelligence.




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